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Sports performance is fun and rewarding, as long as training is safe, scientifically sound, and supervised by quality professionals. Elite Athletes Performance is owned by world renowned kinesiology experts, leading and teaching a staff of knowledgable, dedicated, and motivating strength and conditioning coaches. We focus on safety, science, and results. 

What makes an athlete more fit than the average person is the way they train, and the volume and intensity level they train at. They are working on more than just the health-related parameters such as aerobic capacity, flexibility, weight loss, or getting toned, they work to improve SKILL-related parameters such as POWER, SPEED, BALANCE, AGILITY, COORDINATION, AND REACTION TIME. 

If you are looking to get the Power of an NFL football player, major league baseball or volleyball player, attain the Speed of an Olympic sprinter or point guard in the NBA, the balance of a gymnast or the agility of a pro soccer player, coordination of a skier, and the reaction time of a boxer you MUST TRAIN LIKE A PRO.

Now the beauty of doing PROTERF training method is when you improve on the SKILL related parameters you drastically improve on the health benefits. Your everyday functional task become easier, you feel better about yourself, AND your overall athletic performance improves. We feel when you train to build endurance combined with improving your response-time doing the proper functionality for your sport, you will achieve the necessary tools needed to become a pro. 


Maximizing Movement

Ed Downs training pro-basketball player Chris Bosh

​Co-Founders Ed Downs and Jesus Gallo pose with pro clients from the NBA and MLB.